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 Templehall Parish Church grew out of the Sauchenbush Mission Station. On 2nd December 1952 the Rev John Huskie was inducted to the Parish of Templehall. The foundation stone for Templehall Church was laid in March 1955. The new building was opened and dedicated on Friday 3rd August 1956. The Sauchenbush Mission Station was demolished in 1966. Rev Huskie left Templehall Parish Church in Sept. 1970. Its second minister Rev Brock White was then inducted to Templehall on 28th January 1971. He was to remain there until 2001. He in turn was succeeded in 2004 by the Rev Anthony Fowler who retired from the charge in August 2018. Presently, Rev Donald Lawrie is the Interim Moderator and the Rev Reginald Campbell is the Clerk to the Board.

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Christians in Scotland asked to join in prayer on Sundays at 7pm

Published on 27 March, (2020 Church of Scotland Website)

Church groups across Scotland are asking Christians to join in prayer at 7pm on Sunday evenings.


Rt Rev Colin Sinclair, Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, said: "When so much is not normal how lovely it can be to come together at 7pm each Sunday and have a few moments in which we can pray together.

"Let me encourage you to keep hope alive and join with us in prayer."

Signatories in Scotland include the Roman Catholic Church, the Church of Scotland, the Scottish Episcopal Church, the United Free Church, the United Reformed Church, the Baptist Union of Scotland, the Methodist Church, the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), Congregational Federation in Scotland, the Salvation Army, the Church of the Nazarene, and Redeemed Christian Church of God.

Joint prayer from Christians in Scotland:


We turn to you, our Father, for we need your help.
Lord Jesus, as you have promised, be with us, whatever lies ahead,
Strengthen us, Holy Spirit, as we face this together.

We pray for our world and our country,
as coronavirus threatens our lives and our livelihood, leaving many in lockdown,
while key workers continue, despite the risk.

We pray for government leaders at Westminster and Holyrood,
responding to medical and scientific advice,
making tough decisions for the wellbeing of all.

We pray for all who serve on the frontline in the NHS and in social care;
facing increasing numbers, overstretched resources
and distressing human need.

Bless those who are ill, those who are alone and afraid,
those exhausted looking after their family, those worried for the vulnerable,
those fearful for their finances, those shut in to their fears.

Thank you for those who have returned from retirement to help,
or joined the volunteer army.
Thank you for those working:
to manufacture needed resources,
to find a vaccine,
to keep in contact with the isolated,
to encourage others at this time.

Have mercy on us, O Lord.
Give us faith, hope and love and hear our prayers,
in Jesus' name. Amen.

From our former Interim Moderator



ST. JOHN 9:1-41


            It is related that when a member of staff, working at a hotel where the blind soul singer-songwriter, composer and performer Ray Charles (1930-2004) was staying, he was surprised to find the great musician shaving in an unlit room.  When he rather tactlessly asked what on earth he was thinking about, shaving in the dark, Ray replied, “Brother, I do everything in the dark!”


            For those of us who take the gift of sight for granted, the truth is that we don’t like having to do anything in the dark.   We feel lost and confused – and our sympathies are with those who have no alternative but to do everything in the dark.


            In the ninth chapter of the Gospel according to St John – which the Revised Common Lectionary appropriately throws up for the 4th Sunday in Lent – we read about how a man who had been blind since his birth had his sight restored by Jesus – but was then subjected to a rigorous and insensitive interrogation as to how and why his healing had come about.  Why couldn’t they have been happy for him?


            Speculation that the cause of the man’s blindness was either ante-natal sin on his own part, or some moral transgression on the part of his parents was typical of the human tendency to indulge in some popular theology which looked for explanations – but asked all the wrong questions.


            At this difficult time when the Covid-19 virus has plunged the world into a mood of dark despair, thus instigating a global crisis of faith, people are also looking for explanations as to why this has come about.  It is natural to want to blame somebody.  But it is equally futile to speculate as to who or what may be responsible for our plight.


            We may, and indeed we do struggle to make sense of the puzzling and mystifying world that we inhabit – but some of us dare to believe that it is still God’s world, and that He can, does, and will continue to bring something good out of even the most awful circumstances.  Humanity’s extremity can be God’s opportunity.


            In the words of a contemporary hymn, “Longing for light, we wait in darkness”.   And although the Church cannot gather together in any meaningful physical sense, as a sudden sabbatical has been enforced upon us, let us pray that Christ may be our light – as He was for the man born blind – and that we may be enabled by grace, to declare the wonderful deeds of Him Who called us out of darkness into His marvellous light.   




Rev Dr Graham D S Deans

Formerly Minister at Aberdeen: Queen Street


Beyond Disaster: A Biblical response to COVID-19

This is a free-to-download, Bible -based resource that encourages us to bring our emotions to God in times of crisis. Available for download from the Scottish Bible Society enews page. The enews letter can be opted in to via the Scottish Bible Society website www.scotishbiblesociety.org (type enews in search on site is easiest way to find opt in page!)

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